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On Friday, May 3rd the Flying Pig Marathon will host the third leg of the TQL Beer Series, the Fifty West Mile. That event will culminate with two elite fields, men and women, at approximately 7:45 PM.

The elite fields will be by invitation only. Men that can run 4:30 min/mile or faster and women that can run 5:30 min/mile or faster can submit an application to be considered for the field.

Each elite field will consist of 15 participants. These participants will be selected by the fastest submitted qualifying times with at least 7 spots in each field reserved for local participants. Local participants will be those defined as having a mailing address (no PO Box) with zip codes that begin these three numbers:  410, 470, 450, 451, or 452. Potential participants should submit their best 2022 1500, mile, or 5K time as well as their personal bests in each of these events. Include date and location when achieved. The first 10 to register in each elite field will receive a free ASICS jacket.

Prize Money

Prize money will be offered for the Fifty West Mile on Friday, May 5th. The prize purse for both males and females will be as follows:

1st Place: $600
2nd Place: $250
3rd Place: $150
Top local participant: $250

Only the fastest time in the elite fields of the Fifty West Mile will be eligible to win prize money. A local participant that places in the top 3 overall will be eligible for both the top local participant prize money as well as the top 3 prize money. Timing and prize money for the Fifty West Mile will be based on gun timing.

Registration Process

If you would like to be considered for the elite field, please complete the application form by April 15. On April 15, elite participants will be contacted to confirm their spot in the field. They will be required to register for the Fifty West Mile by May 1, and will not be charged. For questions please email jeanette@flyingpigmarathon.com.

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